My name is Bee.

Twenty Something.

Mom to Lucas, born April 2013.

I like to make stuff out of yarn and fabric.
Please do not reblog my personal photos without permission.

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Truthful Tuesday

I really love my surname. 

I love it so much that when I get married, I’m not changing it. I’d actually love to marry a man who was comfortable taking my name, but I am fully aware that I can’t expect or demand that. All I know is that I’m not changing my surname. 

I love my surname so much that if I’m fortunate enough to have them, I want my kids to have it. If I’m so lucky as to marry a man who will take my surname, that’s no problem. If I’m not, I hope I’m so lucky as to reproduce with a man who will at least discuss the options instead of presuming his surname will be passed down in favour of mine. 

I don’t like that the man’s surname is the default, but I don’t want these things in order to rebel against our patriarchal society. I want these things because I love my surname (and the family that gave it to me) and I want to pass it on to my children. 

  1. ladyofleisuredc said: it’s not “rebelling” in my opinion. Our patriarchal society has always been arbitrary and it’s time for change. I love my last name and will not change it either- that’s if I get married cos even marriage is arbitrary.
  2. thedressofthought said: What your surname?
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