My name is Bee.

Twenty Something.

Mom to Lucas, born April 2013.

I like to make stuff out of yarn and fabric.
Please do not reblog my personal photos without permission.

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happyhealthyhopeful replied to your post: I am bored, I am lonely, and I am really tired of…

I think I’ve decided to get rid of every single person on facebook’s statuses I just don’t care about. Because of what you just described.

To be honest, I’m tempted to just get rid of Facebook — I don’t care very much about what most of the people I have as friends post on their statuses, and the ‘Facebook Persona’ of so many people I really like in real life makes me start to dislike them. The guy I was complaining about in that post? I love him to pieces when I see him in person, but on the internet he drives me insane. 

I think I’d be a happier person if I just got rid of my Facebook, but it’s far more difficult than it should be to push the ‘deactivate account’ button. xD

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