31 7 / 2014

I think I’ve cracked the assembly for the Super Secret Knitting Project. Finally. But assembly is so tedious that I’ve got another project already in the pipeline. Very easy, pretty quick, and guaranteed to be super cute when it’s done. 

Relatedly, for all my crafting friends, I have learned how to do the Magic Loop on circular needles (so you can work smaller knits on circular needles). Aaand I love it. Click here if you’re interested, so you can love it too. 

31 7 / 2014

Lunchtime! And post lunch bath.

Lunchtime! And post lunch bath.

31 7 / 2014






I feel this on a whole notha level

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31 7 / 2014

Two year wedding anniversary in two weeks.

Time flies!

31 7 / 2014

It is driving me mad. It should not be this hard!

30 7 / 2014

All I want to do is knit.

29 7 / 2014

I don’t know what happened, but a bunch of new people just started following me. So thank you!

You should know that I am terrible at online communication (I always have been, but having a toddler has made me even worse), but please do say hello if you fancy it.

28 7 / 2014

Lucas is asleep, James is going to sleep. I am awake with awful stomach cramps & am feeling sorry for myself.

28 7 / 2014


Sort of, yes. What sparked the post was being witness to a conversation where a mother said she was looking forward to the first time she really got to yell at her kid, and was “excited” and “couldn’t wait” for him to be old enough that she’d get to do things like unplug the TV as punishment etc (not in the sense of feeling like that would be effective discipline, more like she was really excited about dishing out the punishment).

I seem to encounter people who relish punishment far too often. Someone at a play group once said she deliberately baited her kids into acting up while they were out just so she could drag them home and put them on the naughty step. Who does that?

I feel like these people only had children for the power trip, and that’s so messed up. I’m always too appalled at the time to say anything, especially because most of the other moms and dads there just laugh (albeit uncomfortably).

28 7 / 2014

It makes me so sad and angry when parents talk about how much they enjoy punishing (and threatening to punish) their kids - most often their toddlers.

I wish I was talking about isolated incidents, but I hear it all the time.